The fire is out, the storm has passed, and the disaster is over. You’ve made an emergency call to LDR and we’re on the way. We can work with you and your insurance to determine if content restoration is the next step in your project.

LDR Content Restoration Transportation

Packing out, transporting, securely storing, and restoring your contents to pre-loss condition is an LDR specialty. We’ll take the appropriate steps to secure and protect the contents of your home or business. Every item is tagged, labeled, and photographed to quickly identify and locate. Contents will be stored in our climate-controlled warehouse that is monitored by around-the-clock video surveillance.

We have a dedicated Cleaning Room on-site with personnel certified in restoring your most cherished possessions. We have a hydroxyl chamber to remove odors, a large ultrasonic tank for precious metals or materials, a drying chamber for ornate items, and an electronics cleaning station.